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Vision and Mission

The institution strives to empower students with knowledge and skills in their chosen fields, by providing opportunities to realize their potential by motivating them towards community linked initiatives, thereby shaping them into future leaders.. ·


  • To inculcate life skills by providing value-based education and nurturing a scientific spirit of inquiry in the young minds.




  • To sharpen students’ focus and inculcate research culture thereby helping them to achieve academic excellence.
  • To empower them for lifelong learning by fostering rational and independent thinking.
  • To sensitise the students towards the neighbouring environment and society at large.
  • To stimulate students’ inborn talent and skill by understanding their aptitude and capability and to mould their passion into profession.

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring the support of all stakeholders enables the college to improve the services offered to the learners.
  • Effective utilization of human and other resources to enhance the quality of education.
  • Providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and ICT facilities to augment the teaching-learning process.
  • Fostering competencies to equip learners to face demands of a changing world.
  • Inculcating a sense of social and moral responsibilities towards society and the environment.