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Student's Council

Student Council Overview:


Committee Member 

Dr. A. Kapoor

Dr. Rajesh Maurya

Dr. Naresh Sukhani

Prof. Lokesh Tardalkar

General Secretary

Student Representative




 The Students’ Council of 2021-22 headed by General Secretary Preksha Jiwani an action packed year. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”


Here, we have our student council who does just that. The council aspires to live and breathe student welfare. It's a community of academic toppers and committee representatives from all the years and courses to organise events, be a bridge between the faculty and the students, be there for the students for anything and everything for an enhanced learning experience.


This year was all about a balance. We began online, went hybrid to fully offline lectured. A beautiful balance between academics and brilliantly executed student programs. Right from Coffee with Principal to Student's Week to Annual Day to Convocation for the earlier batches, the student council shone its crown for state of the art initiatives.


Preksha Jiwani as the general secretary, You can always count on Preksha to put a smile on everyone's face . She is a perfectionist who will dig deep till the last , until the work is done. An extremely fun , kid , approachable and humorous person she is not afraid to stand up for herself and anything that she believes in . She is highly opinionated and that makes her personality stronger than anyone . She is always looking to grab new opportunities we are so proud to call her as the General Secretary and her team of council members including Amisha Panchal, Virali Shah, Mazin Bagdadi, Dhrumi Shah, Alicia Cotta, Karishma Golecha, Aaliya Mithawala, Krish Parekh, Muskan Jain, Shruti Lohia, Juhi Jha, Drishti Kapadia, Hitika Mehta, Sharanya Ghosh, Mohak Patel, Suryansh Gupta, Agadh Chaturvedi, Parth Bhanushali, Sakshi Chandarana, Mitali Vasant, Raashi Shah and Ritika Sampat amazed professors and students with their unmatched dedication and passion towards a better way of leading college life.


Coffee with Principal was a student council initiative that was focused around a talk session directly with the head of the institution. Our principal Dr. Anju Kapoor and representatives from the first year and third year belonging to various committees and streams were part of the session. This resulted in an enhanced horizon of thoughts at the end for our students and a one to one basis talk with the face behind our college. It was a huge success and was highly celebrated.


Students week is every student's dream. Right from dressing up to enjoying all the fun activities. The days included Retro day, traditional day, Formal day and Scribble day. Scribble day was a huge success as all the students came dressed in white traditional shirts and could Scribble their heart out. We also had a DJ for the students on account of Scribble Day. The entire location was jam packed with students having the time of their lives. Retro day was a banger as we had an unplugged musical afternoon planned for the students where various students sang, played guitar,  did beat boxing in front of others.To live to the “retro” vibe they had come dressed in bellbottoms and polka dots. On the 3rd day, dressed in traditional, the whole college campus lit up with colours and patterns on traditional day.The henna stall was the lime light of the day. Formal day gave us a glimpse of professionalism in our fellow students, a glimpse of what our future attires in corporates are going to look like. It was yet another week of success for the students council.


College Annual Day was a witness of a lot of hustle bustle with beautiful dance, stand-up comedy, mimicry, music and more. The sound of cheer filled Mukesh Patel Auditorium on the 1st of April as the student council executed a beautiful annual Day for all our UPGians to experience. We began the Annual Day by the Ganesh Vandana to offer our prayers to the Almighty. It was then followed by speeches by the principal; Dr. Mrs. Anju Kapoor,Chief Guest, Dr. Harish Shetty and Guest of Honour, Anuraj. It was followed by  felicitation of academic toppers from various streams and recognition of various committees of the college. The formal function ended by the Vote of Thanks by the general Secretary of the college, Ms. Preksha Jiwani. The cultural programme was the lime light of the show it had dances, mono act, mimicry, stand up comedy and music.The show was quite a memorable one and was one to deserve a huge round of applause.


The pandemic really slowed things down for us right?

All our graduates experienced uncertainty and gloom as they hailed into the professional world without a convocation.

This soon was changed by the student council by organising Convocation ceremonies for the batch of 2020 and 2021. Students from across all the streams gathered in Mukesh Patel Auditorium for a grand convocation and meet-greet.

The masks came off and smiles shone the brightest on this day.


This marked the end of the student council's initiatives as we celebrated the past year and its happenings.

We extend our vote of thanks to Cultural Committee and RCUPG for their help on Convocation D-Day and Annual Day for their student volunteers to be with us throughtout.

All of this wouldn't have been possible without our General Secretary, Preksha Jiwani who was on her toes for anything and everything that came her way. She helped us throughout our endeavours and complimented us to have organised such huge scale events with such precision  and our teacher in-charge Mr. Sriram Deshpande who was a guiding beacon in the troubled storms of event management.


This year was the start of something beautiful as we wish all the students a life full of health, wealth and happiness.

-Student Council 2022