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We ‘still’ the show!

Montage is the 'moment stilling' committee of UPG college, aka the photography club of UPG. We capture anything and everything that happens in and around the campus, from very first event of year of each committee to the final grand convocation and annual day and everything in between. We cover every frame and every emotion throughout. Montage is a platform where people who see the world from their unique perspective come together to share their views, capture it and learn. We cover what our college does and what all creative committees do in the college. Capturing all their memories in the form of photographs and videos and enhancing them via editing to give them the best nostalgia when one looks back at it.

Our moto is to give a platform to all the photo enthusiast in our college to explore their creativity, get new experiences, learn and have fun while taking a step towards enhancing their skills.

Our latest work:

Interior shoot and Annual day shoot for Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School (ICSE)

Montage shot and edited the multiple parts of 'First Ever Virtual Annual Day' for CNMS which included various dance performances, drama acts and student-teacher activity.

Accompanied by an Interior shoot for the school covering all science laboratories, library and canteen.

Teacher incharge – Prof. Lokesh tardalkar, Dr. Yatindra Ingle

Advisory – Parth Gada

Secretary – Yukti Dedhia

Head Of Departments – Hardi Parekh, Khushi Vyas, Rati Sinha

Events that we cover:

Major highlights of our college:

Valor -  the sports festival:

Every event of our very own 2-day sports fest, Valor, was shot and edited by MONTAGE. From shooting b-rolls of all the set-ups to the final after movie, we captured all the memories at the first year of Valor.

Techvanza – the tech fest of BSCIT:

An inter college fest organized by our IT department for tech lovers. We covered both the days including the prize distribution ceremony.

Convocation and Annual Day:

A day that is much awaited by most of the students. The grand event of the year end where our whole committee works on toes to capture every reaction, every performance and present it on time.


A welcoming event organized by student council for the first year students and showing them the best over view of our college. We save their smiles and excitement in our collection.


Capturing the Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration for 11 days is a heartwarming experience with fun games at the end of every Aarti were we capture some amazing photographs and videos to cherished throughout the year

Screening of the Tashkent files:

Cover the event organized by BAFTNMP, where the top crew of the taskent files gave their first hand experience and had an interactive session.

NSS blood donation drive:

Montage with NSS covers the complete blood donation drive twice a year. From the day 1 of their preparation to sharing the overview video with the college.

Sports Day:

2 day intra college sports competition where students enthusiastically participate in every sports event and we get to capture some great moves.

Committees and their events:

Covering almost every event of RC, WDC, ELOQUENCE, SOU, NSS, E-CELL, THE BUDDY PROJECT, DLLE we enjoy the bond that we share with all the committees while capturing the raw emotions, fun and excitement and giving them a life time memory of every event.


LIVE sessions and zoom workshops :

'Life Of A Photographer ' by Anirudh Kothari

Workshop on Story Boarding by Abhijeet Kini

'How To Utilize Time In Lockdown ' by Lokesh Tardalkar

'Blogging And Growing Your Social Media ' by Khushi Kadmawala

'Unwind The Creative Mind ' by Sukriti Vadhera Kohli

'Confidence In Your Craft ' by Dimple Mehta

'Food Ka Foto' by Prabhafateh Singh

'Wedding Photography' by Mansi Thakkar

'Basics Of Video Editing' by Ashwini Singh

Basic Lightroom workshop by Lokesh sir

Enlightening Lights by Lokesh Tardalkar

Basics of photography by Parth Gada

Amidst the covid-19 pandemic we figured out a way to keep learning and experimenting and not let it affect our enthusiasm.