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The Library of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai was established in 2003, the same year in which the college established. In the year 2007, the library shifted to its present location in the new college premises. The Library has occupied a spacious area on the second floor and mezzanine floor of the main building. It is entirely air conditioned and is under CCTV surveillance.

The Library which was started with an initial collection of 175 books in the academic year 2003-2004 has now more than 6000 books in its collection. Computerization of the Library is done. It provides various services to its users and conducts activities for the benefit of its users.

Library Rules :


1. Library remains open between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all working days.


2. Every student entering the library premises should be wearing a valid College Identity card. It must be produced whenever demanded by any staff member of the college.


3. Loss of original Identity Card and/or Library Card should be reported to the Librarian in writing for which printed application is available in the Library.

Student will be issued a duplicate Identity Card on payment of Rs. 250/- and a duplicate Library Card on payment of Rs. 100/-. The original card holder will be responsible for loss or misuse of his / her Identity Card or Library Card.


4. While entering the library except books and laptops, students are not allowed to carry their personal belongings (bags, brief-cases, parcels etc.) and eatable items (cookies, chocolates, snacks, fruits, cold drinks, tea/coffee, etc.).


5. While handing over the bags to the Security Guard at the baggage counter, every student must write his/her name and SAP number in the register kept on the desk and collect the baggage token to identify his/her bag.


6. The students are requested not to leave any valuables (like cash, wallet, ornaments, wristwatch, mobile phones, etc.) in the library reading room or at the Library baggage counter. Student themselves will be responsible for loss or damage to any such personal belongings left unattended on the premises.


7. Students should keep their mobile phones on silent mode. They should not attend any phone calls, when they are in the library premises.


8. Student Identity Card and Library Card are not transferable. Only the original holder of the cards can use them for borrowing reading materials from the Library.


9. Library books or other reading material will be issued only after the Library Card / I-Card is handed over to the staff at the issue-return counter. The card will be given back to the student on his/ her returning the same to the Library. The holder of the card is responsible for the reading material borrowed on it.


10. Book borrowed on student Library Card should be returned on or before the due date mentioned on the due date slip stuck on the last page of the book.


11. Book may be renewed for 7 days providing they are not overdue and are not in demand by any other user.


12. Librarian may recall any books from the borrower at any time after issue.


13. The reading material like reference books/ question papers/ syllabus/ newspapers/ periodicals and CDs/DVDs issued on the Identity Card should be returned on the same day during issue-return hours of the Library.


14. Students must handle the Library books, periodicals and/ or other library materials with utmost care.


15. An overdue fine will be charged @ Rs. 5.00 per day per book for late returns. While calculating the overdue fine, Sundays and public holidays too will be counted. Absence from college will not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of books. In case, such delay is due to any medical reason, a copy of valid medical certificate should be produced to the Library authorities.


16. Loss of any borrowed book or non-book material must be reported immediately to the Librarian/Library Staff.


17. The student must replace the lost book (same or subsequent edition) / pay the cost of the latest edition of the lost book along with overdue charges, if any. This rule is also applicable for lost periodicals and CDs/DVDs. If replacement of any such library material or document is not possible, student will have to pay for (i) the replacement cost of the document plus (ii) regular fine, if any, plus (iii) any additional fine as per the discretion of the Librarian.


18. The computer terminals with the internet facility in the Library have been made available for educational purposes only. Students should refrain from using it for any other purpose.


19. Students can consult the Librarian for problems related to the library and its services. The Librarian will try to settle them in her capacity or forward them to the Library Committee / Registrar/ Principal of the college.


20. Using any kind of personal entertainment gadgets, doing any kind of craft work, electronic laboratory practical in the library premises is strictly prohibited.


21. Students should maintain complete silence in the library except for the brief and quiet talk with the library staff and other library users.


Students are expected to avoid talking on mobile phone/ loud discussion with friends and colleagues/ keeping foot on tables & chairs/ changing their seats or any kind of act which may create disturbance to other users.

Please follow the instructions of the library staff and maintain decorum at all times. Library staff or security person on duty may ask students to leave if this is not observed.


22. The Librarian, with the approval of the Library Committee and the Principal, reserves the right to add, remove, change, or modify any of the abovementioned rules.


23. The students must observe and abide by all decisions taken by the Principal and /or Registrar / Members of the Library Committee / College Discipline Committee regarding any library matters.


24. Students should regularly read the notices displayed on the Library notice boards.


25. Every Student has to get library clearance at the end of each semester before collecting his or her Grade Card / Mark-sheet from the College.


Thank you for your co-operation



Juhu Scheme, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai – 400 056.


ID & Library Cards of students –

After being admitted and confirming the SAP number, students will get their Identity Cards and Library Cards.

Student Identity Card is the Student’s identification when he or she is on campus or required to document that he or she is enrolled at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Students can obtain their Library Card from the library after completing the necessary formalities at the library counter.



Library has provided a facility of online catalogue in KOHA library management software, in which users can search and check the availability of a book of their choice in all the institutions of SVKM.


Issue – Return of books for students –

Students are provided open access to the collection of the library. They can search for a particular book in OPAC or they can check the physical availability of that particular book in shelves. If they are unable to find the books, library staff helps them to search the book they are searching for.

Students can borrow one book at a time on their library card for seven days. They may renew the same for another seven days if the book is not in demand by any other user.


Reservation of books –

Students can reserve books which are not currently available in the library. As soon as the reserved book returns, the students will be informed.


Overnight book issue –

Books are issued to students for overnight reading on request if multiple copies are not available at the home issue counter.


Issue – Return of books for staff –

Regular staff can borrow up to ten books from the library for the entire semester. Library has a practice of making separate library card for every staff member.

A record of day to day entries of check-outs and check-ins is kept in KOHA library management software.


Inter Library Loan –

The Library offers Inter Library loan service to students and staff of all the institutions under the umbrella of SVKM.

They can borrow books for reference for a short period through a proper channel of institutional Librarians.

There is a separate register kept in the library to record the issue-return of books through Inter Library Loan service.


Reference Resources –

Students can use Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Yearbooks, Competitive exams material etc. for certain references related to their studies, assignments and project work.


E-Resources –

Library users can refer certain online resources made available under the SVKM consortia, which includes more than 1,00,000 e-books (E-brary), about 7,000 e-journals (ProQuest, EBSCO, JSTOR) and certain useful databases like IEEE, Science Direct, Manupatra, Springer, etc.

Library users may refer to the E-Resource User Manual to search information from available articles or databases.


Library Reading Hall –

The Library has two fully air-conditioned reading halls with a total seating capacity of more than 200 users at a time. A separate seating arrangement is made for staff and students. The reading hall remains open between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all working days.

During examination period the reading hall on the second floor remains open between 8.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. on all working days.


Internet Access through Wi-Fi –

Apart from the computerization of library system including Koha Library Management Software and printing facility, library has provided four computers with internet facility for library users. Such access is provided for educational purposes only.


Audio Corner –

Audio Corner facility is provided to students to listen to music and audio books and watch videos under the guidance of library staff and faculty.


Newspapers& Periodicals –

The Library subscribes to 14 newspapers and 24 magazines / journals in print format for its users. Students can refer them within library.


Syllabus & Question Papers –

Files of Syllabus and Questions papers of previous years are available at the Library counter for reference of the students and faculty of all the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Current Awareness Service –

Information about new additions in the library collection, content list of journals, employment opportunities for students, forthcoming events like seminars, conferences, competitions, examinations, etc. and other relevant notices are put up on the library notice board from time to time.


Lists of books –

Subject-wise lists of books in the collection are provided to users on request.


Photocopy –

Photocopy service counter is available in the campus which caters to the need of students.


Turnitin (Anti-Plagiarism Software) –

Library staff helps the faculty and students to check their dissertations / research publications, etc. using this software.


Membership of American Centre Library –

The Library has institutional membership of American Center Library, located at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). Faculty members and students can visit this library to go through its collection for general reading as well as for their specific studies and projects.


Facility to Ex-students –

Ex-students pursuing higher studies are provided the library reading hall facility on request.


Baggage Counter –

Baggage counter for students is made available at the entrance of the Library. While handing over their bags to the Security Guard at the counter students write their names and SAP numbers in the register kept on the desk and collect the baggage tokens to identify their bags.


Suggestion Box –

Students can drop their suggestions related to library collection and services in this box which is kept near the entrance of the Library on the second floor. Members of the College Library Committee certainly give importance to good suggestions received from users.

Total no. of books                              - 6022

Total no. of CDs / DVDs / Films        - 341

Daily Newspapers subscribed         - 14

Magazines \ Journals subscribed    - 25

Maps                                                   - 5


Library Orientation –

Every year an orientation programme is arranged for the first year students so as to introduce them with the library collection, services and activities.


Book Display / Exhibition –

Thematic Book Displays and ‘Exhibition-cum-Sale of Books’ are organized with the intention to acquaint the students and staff with variety of books and to inculcate and promote their reading habits.


Book Club –

Activities such as book reviews and presentations, book donation drives, etc. are conducted by library committee.


Marathi Rajbhasha Divas –

‘Marathi Rajbhasha Divas’ is celebrated on 27th February to mark the birth anniversary of famous Marathi poet Late Shri. Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar, popularly known as ‘Kusumagraj’. Various creative writings in Marathi (articles, poems, etc.) are displayed on the library notice board. Marathi book display is also organized by the library on this day.

  • Remote Access to SVKM E-Resources 

  •  SVKM Union Catalogue /WEB OPAC



  • Library OPAC




  •  SVKM Student Portal



  •  Shodhganga



  • National Digital Library of India



  • Swayam



  •  Swayam Prabha



  •  NPTEL



  •  University of Mumbai




  •  University Grants Commission (UGC)



  • American Library


Total staff dedicated to the Library –


1) Mrs. Suruchi Bandodkar     - Librarian


2) Mr. Abhang Deshpande        - Library Assistant (Clerical Post)


3) Mr. Rakesh Angre                 - Support staff (on contract)


The library committee constituted for the academic year 2023-24 is as under -

  1. Mrs. Suruchi Bandodkar

  2. Ms. Smruti Nanavaty

  3. Dr. Mayur Vyas

  4. Dr. Navita Kulkarni


All the committee members are supportive and suggested many good things to bring quantitative and qualitative improvement in various functions and activities of the library.

Contact us:

SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science & Commerce 
Swami Bhaktivedanta Marg,
Vileparle (W),

– – 42332143

– – 42332078