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Batch 1 (2016-2017)
  • Student Profile

Neha Nambiar

Name - Neha Nambiar

Social Media Profile- linkd in- Neha Nambiar.

Favorite sport and athlete- Athletics, Usain bolt,Sally Piercing.

Academic background- 1st year student in Bachelor of Mass Media, UPG college,Mumbai.

Career Aspirations: I want to pursue Journalism in Mass Media. My career goal still remains a little less vivid as of now,however I believe knowledge is power and acquiring knowledge from any field is remarkable.  

Manan Agrawal

Name: Manan Agrawal

Email Id:

Favourite Sport and Athlete: Football, Cricket and Tennis. Kaka, Mesut Ozil and Roger Federer

Academic Background: 3rd year law student (5 year integrated course) at PGCL, Mumbai

Career Aspirations: My main career aspiration is to be a manager of a football club in one of the world’s major leagues. 

Rushab Runwal

Name: Rushab Runwal   


Favourite sport: Squash,Football

Favourite athlete: Roger Federer, Ramy Ashour, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps

Academic Background: Biomedical Engineering at Thadoomal Shahani College of Engineering

Career Aspirations: Pro squash player and then venture into management aspect of any sport

Neel Shukla

Name: Neel Shukla


Social media:  Find me on Facebook at

Favorite sports and athlete:  Tennis , Football ; Novak Djokovic

Academic Background: 4th Year Student in MBA Tech(Master of business administration and bachelor of Technology) MPSTME,NMIMS- Mumbai

Career Aspiration: To become a top level management consultant in Finance sector and also a top class Tennis Player 

Yuvraj Daga

Name : Yuvraj Daga

Email :

Social media Profile : LinkedIn – Yuvraj Daga

Favourite Sport & Athlete : Tennis / Cricket / Baseball / Football / Tennis ; Virat Kohli , Novak Djokovic , Cristiano Ronaldo.

Academic Background : 2nd Year Bachelors In Business Administration Student @ NMIMS.

Career Aspirations : Sports manager , Businessman

Shantanu Shetty

Name: Shantanu Shetty


Social Media Profile: @Shantanu3196

Favourite Sport and Athlete: Football and Cricket; Philipp Lahm and Miroslav Klose

Academic Background: Third year student of Bachelors of Management Studies in UPG college of Management- Mummbai

Career Aspiration: As of now I see myself working in the sports industry after completing my masters in sports management and preferably the football industry be it as a manager, scout, agent or league manager.

Anandita Chouhan

Name: Anandita Chouhan


Social media profile: Linkedin- Anandita Chouhan

Favourite sport & Athlete:Swimming- Michael Phelps

Academic Background: 2nd year student of Bachelors of Business Administration in NMIMS, Mumbai.

Career Aspirations: I want to give back to the sports field as I have always been involved in this field and learnt so much. I want to turn my passion into my career and probably start something of my own in the future. 

Ashwin Sharma

Name: Ashwin Sharma


Social Media Profile: @Ashwin Sharma

Favourite Sport and Athlete: Soccer and Lionel Messi

Academic Background: 1st year at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai pursing Bachelors in Business Administration.

Career Aspirations: I aspire to enter the business side of sports. It is the best way of combining my two passions in life, sports and management.

Tanmay Trivedi

Name : Tanmay Trivedi

Email :

Social Media Profile : Tanmay Trivedi ( LinkedIN)

Favorite Sport and Athlete : Swimming / Michael Phelps

                                                  Football / Cristiano Ronaldo

                                                  Triathlon/ Alistair Brownlee

Academic Background : First Year Student in Bachelor of Business Administration at NMIMS, Mumbai.

                                            Certificate Program in International sports Management UPGCM, Mumbai.

Career Aspiration : I would like to do something in the field of sports analytics, preferably working with a football club

Neelkanth Desai

Name : Neelkanth Desai
Email :
Social media :
twitter: @neelkanthdesai 
Favorite sport and athlete : Cricket and MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. 
Academic background : Currently doing Under graduation in management studies at UPG College, Mumbai and a Sports Management Course in association with Ohio University. 
Career Aspiration : I wish to work for the sports industry as that's where my interest lies. This program serves as a benchmark for my dreams. 

Rohan Agrawal

Name: Rohan Agrawal


Social Media profile: @rohan_ronnie98 (twitter handle)

Favorite sport and athlete: Football; Wayne Rooney

Academic Background: First year student of Bachelors of Business Administration in NMIMS, Mumbai.

Career Aspirations: Being as clueless as pretty much anyone of my age, I fancy either being in management or coaching in the football industry.

Sagar Pandya

Name – Sagar Pandya

Email id –

Social media - Facebook

Favourite sport – Cricket, Football, Tennis

Favourite athlete – Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal

Academic background – Graduate from Mithibai College and currently pursuing Post Graduation in the same field.

Aspirations – I want to be a manager of a team or an event either here in India or in Europe.

Shradha Gupta

Name:  shradha gupta


Favorite sport and athlete: football and badminton; athlete: sachin tendulkar

Academic background: 2nd year in bachelor of commerce (hons.) from NMIMS University, Mumbai

Aspiration:  I want to be a chairperson or director of one of the biggest or successful firms eventually or make the firm I am working with the best.  I want to do this after working with some of the good sports players and gaining enough experience with people and knowledge about what I will be doing.

I also want to go into journalism and explore that field as I have always been good at speaking  and writing .

Padmanabh Puranik

Name – Padmanabh Puranik

Email –

Social Media Profile - @ipadmanabh (twitter)

Favorite Sports – Football, Tennis & Cricket ; Sachin Tendulkar/ Stanislas Wawrinka

Academic Background – Second year, Pursuing Bachelor’s in commerce(hons.) from NMIMS – Mumbai

Career aspirations – From a very tender age I have been associated with sports in one way or the other and the passion for the same has been driving me to pursue a career in the field of sports. A career in the management whether its Player management or Facility management or probably towards the operations side of things. With enrolling in this course I will further enhancing my knowledge in the sporting field so as to get an even clearer picture on the whole scenario.

Sachit Ramesh

Name:- Sachit Ramesh


Social media- (@SachitRamesh -Twitter)


Academic background-  Final year of Bachelor of Commerce from Mithibai college (Mumbai University)

Career aspirations- As much as I would have loved to have an answer to this I'm more than happy in  saying that I'm still exploring in order to narrow down  what I'd like my career to be in.
Currently I intern in different spheres of various industries as an attempt to find my interest. Having said that I have certain constant aspirations from my career irrespective of what i do, mos important of which is that I be very honest all along and make sure that my character is never questioned!

Kshaunish Kapoor

Name: Kshaunish Kapoor


Social media profile: Linkedin- Kshaunish Kapoor; Twitter- theKshaun

Favourite Sport & Athlete:

·         Cricket MS Dhoni

·         Football Mesut Ozil

·         Tennis Rafael Nadal

·         Basketball Steph Curry

Academic Background: 2nd year student of Bachelors in Business Administration at NMIMS, Mumbai.

Career Aspirations: To complete the BBA Course that is currently being pursued, and achieve a distinction degree from NMIMS University. Intend to pursue a Sports Management Degree from a top 10 Ranked University for the same course (identified Ohio State in the USA). Wish to work in the sports industry as a Sports Management Executive while achieving good career and personal growth opportunities. Intend to intern with firms that offer work in similar field to learn more about the industry and gain experience.

Plan to give back to the industry as a teacher or industry expert after having gained experience working on different projects and for a considerable period of time.

Yashveer Setia

Name : Yashveer Setia
Email Id :
Education : Pursuing BBA from NMIMS, Mumbai
Social Media : Twitter- @setia.yashveer
                              LinkedIn -@setia-yashveer
Favorite Sport :Cricket , Virender Sehwag
Career Aspirations : I want pursue a career in the Sports Industry. Sports has been my only passion since childhood . This course will help me get a detailed insight into the industry and help me choose the right path.