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President's Message

Dear All,

It has taken less than a decade for SVKM's Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management to establish itself as one of the most sought after degree colleges under the charge of the venerable Mumbai University. It has been possible because the college administration has, over the years, taken the pains of identifying the talents and abilities of the students and groomed them so they are able to exercise these to the fullest.

I find it remarkable that a college of 1080 students can operate dozens of activities that reach out to thousands. Each and every student enrolled at UPG is an achiever in the making, an individual with a unique skill set waiting to make an impression on the world.

With a dynamic Principal to lead the college and encouraging faculty the progress that UPG has made this year does not surprise me. UPG students regularly feature on the year-end list of toppers of the University examinations.

I wish the college success in setting itself for greater challenges in near-future. UPG will create a heritage and a legacy to become the epitome of excellence in coming decade.

Shri Amrish R. Patel

President, SVKM