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National Service Scheme

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is- what are you doing for others? In today’s fast paced life, where competition, prestige, precision, out-witting, corruption, apathy, hostility, ignorance, contemptuousness and tech-tonic life have escalated beyond limits, NSS is where you derive satisfaction out of social work. Hence the tag line- NSS: ‘Not Me But You’.

UPG NSS has completed five successful years since its conception in 2010. This year too, it has served souls and won hearts. The journey commenced with the Blood Donation Drive and Thalassemia Check-up in collaboration with Indian Medical Association, C.B. Patel Research Centre and J.J. Mahanagar Hospital. Throughout the year, NSS was involved in a plethora of events like Book Binding Activity, Malaria Awareness Rally and pamphlet distribution, Beach Cleaning Drive during and after Ganesh Chaturthi, Traffic Management Activity, De-Addiction Rally, Peace Rally, Flag Selling, Snake Awareness Seminar, Cancer and Hepatitis Awareness Seminar. The students also visited the BMC School and taught the children various art and craft forms. The students attended a 7 day camp at Vajreshwari in Thane District where they participated in activities like Tree Plantation, Tribal School visit, river bank cleaning etc.

UPG NSS volunteers had also taken part in the NSS fest of NM College- Sankalp, Dahnukaar College- Idradhanushya and NSS fest of Sathaye College- Janeev. The unit won2nd prize in Street Play and 1st prize in the presentation on “CHANGE”, in Sankalp; 2nd prize in the Elocution competition and 3rd prize in the quiz competition in Indradhanushya; and a consolation prize for essay writing and first prize in the dance competition in Janeev.

It’s not just work that UPG NSS volunteers do, there is so much more, it is about humbleness, self-confidence, compassion, humility, dignity of labour, staying grounded, relating with the under-privileged, feeling the pulse of common people and most important, discovering your own self.



20th July 2017, Mumbai

The N.S.S. Unit of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management had organized a Blood Donation Drive on 19th July, 2017 from 09:00AM to 04:00PM in association with J.J. Mahanagar (SBTC).

The volunteers of UPG-NSS promoted the event throughout the college campus and the nearby areas. Many professors also contributed to the event by donating their blood. The students of various colleges turned up for the event and donated blood. In total there were 222 registrations, out of which 126 were eligible donors.

 The blood donation drive ended at 4pm, with a sense of satisfaction. A successful drive-with 126  happy donors, who saved the lives of 381 people.

Nirmalya Collection


27th August 2017, Mumbai.

NSS volunteers of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management had conducted a Swacch Bharat activity in which the major aim was to collect the nirmalya – the garlent waste on the Juhu Beach on 26th August, 2017.  It commenced at 4:30pm with the team of volunteers splitting in groups of three so as to cover the entire beach in the time they had. Each group was assigned the task of collecting waste and disposing it in a trash truck. The volunteers were aware of the fact, that to accomplish their task all they needed was dedication, mutual respect and coordination among themselves. Overall the activity was a huge success and the volunteers enjoyed serving for a good cause.

Rajda-School visit

15th September 2017, Mumbai

The NSS unit of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management had organized a school visit on 12th September, 2017 to Rajda high school, Borivali west. Students were taught many new words and catchy rhymes. The teaching was made easier and effective by using different pictures and games. Teaching and learning session between the volunteers and students lasted for two hours. This value education activity gave a lifelong experience to all the volunteers.   

World Tourism Day – Street Play

28th September 2017, Mumbai.

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, the NSS volunteers of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management in collaboration with Aahan – Ascend Beyond Aspirations performed a street play on 27th September, 2017 at International Terminal 2 and International Terminal 1. The volunteers performed the street play in two batches in which they performed at both the airports. The motive of this street play was to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on a large scale. Street play and Team Aahan’s flashmob was held at the Arrivals area on both the airport. All the volunteers, with their high spirits conveyed the message efficiently.

Committee Members

Mr. Prashant Chaudhary

Mr. Sriram Deshpande

Mrs. Madhuvanti Date.

Mr. Rajesh Maurya