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Entrepreneurship Cell

We are extremely excited to announce the entrepreneurship cell of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management! The Entrepreneurship Cell of UPG is a brainchild of the BMS faculty of the college. UPG is blossoming into an institution par excellence and is now initiating into one of its highly student assistive departments - the Entrepreneurship Cell. This cell, shall advice aspiring entrepreneurs, provide them with an insight to their business ideas and guide them on their young journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. This initiative is tailor made for the large number of budding businessmen and women in our college, we aim to prepare them for the challenges that they will face in the future. Our main objective is to actually help the students! By this we mean, we will not just give the students a listening ear and a brief path to their goals, but we will make sure we are there to help them, guide them and advise them on their first phase of their entrepreneurship journey. The cell makes sure that only those who actually hold a fire within them to establish a business of their own are a part of the cell. As this cell is not like the other cultural committees of the college, here we all mean business & thus, the core members will have to take initiative and see to it that all the activities are carried out with serious dedication. All the tasks and activities need to be designed and carried out in a professional manner, so as to make sure the students are rightly benefitted. Knowledge into various fields will be required, as the ideas coming in from students will not be pertaining to one single stream of business. UPGCM believes that education moulds an individual, an individual influences the society and a society defines what a country becomes. Since, the Entrepreneurship Cell is a new initiative it will take a little time in setting up and reaching out to students, just like a newly set up business requires gestation period! However, with the guidance of the extremely knowledgeable and approachable professors and the very determined committee members, this cell will soon be doing wonders for not only the aspiring entrepreneurs but the society as a whole. We will help the young aspiring minds of students - nurture and grow in their field of interests that in turn will help develop the society, because if we have ideas of new businesses, we can definitely reduce our dependence on other nations. Every business goes through circumstances where it has to meet up to targets, deadlines as well as set a benchmark in its performance. We at EC gave students tasks and projects which helped them imbibe on qualities such as hard-work and patience. We encourage them to give in their best and always work for quality over quantity. And who else better than the professors can help motivate the students to put in their best and strive to success, just the way they do for academics! The results acquired post submission of the tasks required critical analysis, as through this a student was made aware of his strengths and weakness and they were guided on how they could do tasks better. We have also successfully conducted various activities with the help of Asian institute of Family Managed Business (AIFMB), the company with which we have tied up. The tie up has helped us to make this cell much more informative which has further benefited the students. The EC is an initiative taken by the college to assist, guide and advice their students, who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Committee Members.

Mrs. Shubhangi Nargund
Mr. Abhijeet Mohite